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2016 Arteles Residency


July 2020 ~ Many thanks to Debdatta Dasgupta Sasay for featuring an except of The Contest and Other Stories in the Bookish Indulgences July Spotlight - Historical Fiction!
April 2020 ~ Chapter 1 ("Notice") of Loop: A Dream Novella, appears with other inaugural reading period longlist finalist excerpts at Los Galesburg, a novella press co-founded by MFA students in the Publishing Seminar at Mount St. Mary's in Los Angeles. 
December 2019 ~ Joe DiBuduo and I are happy to announce the publication of "Space Race," our humorous dystopian story, in Alcyone Magazine Issue V, a journal of speculative fiction and poetry.
November 2019 ~ I'm grateful to announce that Loop: A Dream Novella, is a longlist finalist for the Los Galesburg inaugural reading period.

August 2019 ~ We're once again tickled all shades of the palette that The Contest and Other Stories is a Silver Medalist in the 2019 Global Ebook Awards  Short Story / Essays Fiction category!

March 2019 ~ Tootie-Press is tickled all shades of the palette that we have a brand-new ebook interior for The Contest and Other Stories and publication is now wide at more than two dozen international book emporiums!

December 2018 ~ Tootie-Do Press proudly announces the publication of a humorous dystopian sci-fi novelette, Space Race. Exclusively available in Kindle ebook at all international Amazons.

October 2018 ~ We're proud to announce that The Contest and Other Stories is now exclusively available in Kindle ebook at all international Amazons. Happy Halloween Birthday!

August 2018 ~ We're tickled all shades of the palette with our new review of The Contest and Other Stories by Christian Sia at Readers' Favorite!
July 2018 ~ My co-author Joe DiBuduo and I are tickled all shades of the palette with the RECOMMENDED status for The Contest and Other Stories at The US Review of Books and the sizzling book review by Michelle Jacobs!
June 2018 ~ The Contest and Other Stories is listed at the American Bookfest site in the Short Stories category. Contest notifications are in November.
May 2018 ~ Once again, we're tickled all shades of the palette that The Contest and Other Stories is a 2018 New Generation Indie Book Award finalist in the Young New Adult category!
March 2018 ~ We're tickled all shades of the palette that The Contest and Other Stories book cover design by Clarissa Yeo - Yocla Designs is a 2018 Eric Hoffer / da Vinci Eye Award finalist!
January 2018 - We're tickled all shades of the palette that The Contest and Other Stories is the 2017 Best Cover at Cassie Loves Covers  -  book cover design by Clarissa Yeo - Yocla Designs!
December 2017 ~ We're tickled all shades of the palette with a five-star review for The Contest and Other Stories by author Mary Saad Assel!
October 2017 ~ The Contest and Other Stories, a linked collection of YA / NA magical realist, alternate history, paranormal, slipstream, and fabulist tales is now available in full color and BW editions (Redwood Highway 101: Tootie-Do Press).
July 2017 ~ "Enter the Kingdom" now appears at The New Engagement, Issue #12, July 2017. "The apocalypse has never been delivered with such harrowing eloquence."
Spring - Summer 2017 ~  Love art? Love quirky short stories?  Tootie-Do Press invites pre-orders  of THE CONTEST & OTHER STORIES  $3 and $5 options!
April 2017 ~ Honored to place in the top 50 of 500 manuscripts in the Summer Literary Seminars Contest with the unpublished short story, "Enter the Kingdom."
November 2016 ~ Honored and humbled to attend the Silence.Awareness.Existence Residency, Arteles Creative Center, Haukijärvi, Finland. Many thanks to multimedia artist Nathaniel Ober, who conceived and coordinated the Breaking Silence collaborative experience in the voices of thirteen international artists, for which I read two flash stories inspired by dreams.

November 2016 ~ Jellyfish Day: Love Trumps Hate Trumps Love Trumps Hate : A Wrathful Dakini on Trump's Narcissistic Bent.

August 2016 ~ Come geek out with me over at  R e a d i n g. t h e. F a n t a s t i c!

November 2015 ~ "Enter the Kingdom,a literary dystopic sci-fi story, was one of the top 25 shortlisted stories in the 2015 Almond Press Apocalypse Chronicles short story competition.

October 2015 ~ "Cheater," a riff on violence in the Wild West, now appears in the new Manifest West #4 - Western Weird!

April 2015 ~ I'm yakking it up about my new role as small press publisher and student-to-be hopeful in Life in a Nutshell at Jellyfish Day.

March 2015 ~ Received word that a collaborative tale, "Cheater" (written with Joe DiBuduo) will appear this summer in the "Western Weird" edition of Manifest West by Western State Press of Western State Colorado University. Stay tuned!

January 2015 ~ I have a poem in a new June Cotner inspirational poetry anthology, Get Well Wishes, due for March publication.

November 2014 ~ Check out my new author interview at Smashwords! I also have a reprinted story in the November issue of Beyond Science Fiction, and a poem in June Cotner's prayer and poem anthology, Back to Joy.

October 2014 ~ Writing for Social Justice at Jellyfish Day.

September 2014 ~ I'm yakking it up at Pekoe Blaze and at The Thursday Interview  about metaphysical sci-fi and other stuff!

August 2014 ~ Heart of Desire: 11.11.11 Redux is available on Amazon! Check out my recent interview, "Lover of Dreams . . . Kate Robinson" at Kev's Blog.

November 2013 ~ Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters: Interview with Richard Kipling at Jellyfish Day.

June 2013 ~ Geek Out!  A guest blog with artist / writer CA Brown at Jellyfish Day.

February 2013 ~ Gila Angel, a nature essay, is posted at Writing the Whirlwind, Issue 4, Spring 2013.

January 2013 ~ Check out Iron Grip: An Interview with Willma Willis Gore at Jellyfish Day.

November 2012 ~ Tribute to Orpheus 2 (Kearney Street Books, 2012) is available in paperback and Kindle edition. I didn't know until I began reading it myself in March 2013 that my story, "Dancing Universe," is the opening story . . . enjoy the music!

July 2012 ~ The Memory Eater anthology (CP Anthologies, 2012) is live on Amazon - Available in softcover and Kindle ebook!This illustrated sci-fi / horror collection is a great summer beach read.

A big *shout-out* to artist Noel Arthur Heimpel for his fab artwork for "Lost Memories," the anthology story I co-authored with writer buddy Joe DiBuduo.

March 2012 ~ Check out my interview of author Gene Twaronite - oh, and John Boggle - on Jellyfish Day.

February 2012 ~ It's a blessing to have two poems in the lovely multi-faith anthology, Meditations on Divine Names (Moonrise Press).

November 2011 ~ I'm thankful for TWO new publications - a prayer included in June Cotner's lovely Say a Little Prayer journal AND my retold folktale, "Great Spirit's Butterflies", included in Pandora's Box Suite, a full-color multimedia anthology of prose, poetry, and artwork. Oh, and wait, it’s much more than a book – there’s a treasure box and an audio CD! 

September 2011 ~ "Respect of Stone" is a longlist finalist in the 2011 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest,

July 2011 ~ Check out my interview of author Carl Hitchens and a review of his cross-genre memoir, Sitting With Warrior on Jellyfish Day.

December 2010 ~ The 2010 SLS Kenya fiction & poetry workshops on December 3-21 with Terese Svoboda & Cornelius Eady, Kenya Between the Lines with Billy Kahora and Ed Pavlic, and the Kwani? Litfest with a host of Kenyan literary luminaries, were a real joy and the inspiration of a lifetime.

October / November 2010 ~ My dissertation novella, Loop, is on the shortlist (top five) in the Texas Review Press Clay Reynolds Novella Prize competition!

May 2010 ~ "Li'l Bit", a picture book tale, is 4th runner-up in the Juvenile Fiction Category of the Alabama Writers Conclave Writing Contest.

And the 2009-2010 Postgrad Creative Writers at Aberystwyth University held our different WORLDS magazine launch at the UWA Arts Centre Bookshop!

April 2010 ~  "The Respect of Stone" placed in the top 50 of 1200 short story manuscripts in the 2010 Summer Literary Seminars Contest, earning da discount to attend the 2010 SLS Kenya program in December.


January - April 2010 ~  I greatly enjoyed my Spring term internship at the New Welsh Review with Editor Kathryn Gray and Development Manager Sue Fisher. My name is also included on the Issue 87 masthead.



October 2009 International Excellence Scholarship Award Evening - Literature and Creative Writing

October 2009  International Excellence Scholarship Award Evening 





The Contest and Other Stories by Kate Robinson and Joe DiBuduo is a series of interesting and engaging tales . . . [that] reveal the universal themes of love, resentment, jealousy, success, life, death, spirituality, and failure while alluding to the notion that ‘triumphs and woes’ can be both satisfying and emotionally
~ Mary Saad Assel, author of A Sprinkle of Dust, 2017
The archetypal overbearing father at odds with his son’s artistic ambitions is familiar but gets fresh treatment in this story of a fledgling literary arts magazine . . .  Authors DiBuduo and Robinson capture the angst that accompanies finding your own way apart from your parents . . .  The [linked] stories and accompanying color artwork help to generate an overall celebratory tone for all things literary. . .  DiBuduo and Robinson confirm the collaborative nature of the literary arts and the power of story to help us find our way.
~ Michelle Jacobs, The US Review of Books, 2018
. . . A beautiful collection of stories that are exquisitely written . . . What makes this collection an exceptional one is the compelling cast of characters, the realism infused into the plot lines, and the plot structure that makes each story a must-read . . . I enjoyed these tales for their existential themes and the philosophical questions they ask . . . a gorgeous treat for short story buffs and the diversity in style, plot, and themes makes this a book that will appeal to a wide audience. 

~ Christian Sia, Readers Favorite
HEART OF DESIRE: 11.11.11 Redux
The star of the novel is definitely young Mikka Delaraye Vaughn, a complex character that draws attention immediately. The cast of characters is a deft masterpiece in character development that rivals Diana Gabaldon, George R.R. Martin, and Michael Crichton.  
Penelope Anne Bartotto, InD'Tales, 2016
Heart of Desire is a well-told story with a lot of moving parts that Kate Robinson deftly juggles.
~ Ryan Jordan, Readers' Favorite, 2015

Crazy and Believable!
ETs, conspiracy theory, untapped potential of the brain and the power of love: if you weren't a believer before, you just might become one by turning the pages of Heart of Desire. Kate Robinson's obvious experience of the Arizona desert and her knowledge of such far flung fields as Buddhism, politics, history and archeology impart a realism that sustains the fantasy. As you read the final page of the epilogue, you will ask yourself, "Did that happen?" "Could it?"

~ Garry Griffiths - Amazon.com, 2015

I finished reading your amazing novel last week and want to send my applause for what you reveal in expertise. Besides good, clear writing, you demonstrated deep knowledge of insider Washington D.C., familiarity with extraterrestrial “wisdom," Native American history/beliefs, Buddhism, parenting, etc.    
  ~ Willma Willis Gore, author of Iron Grip and If Coyote Smiles, 2015
What is hovering in the sky above the White House and the halls of power in Washington, D.C. besides global warming, political intrigue, and secret love trysts? Who or what is controlling the balance of power in the ultimate sense, over and above the politicians on Capital Hill and the householders of America? And for what purpose? And from where on earth or beyond?

Author Kate Robinson adroitly takes the reader through the tumbling complexity of lives at the pinnacle of power, as they unfold, in expected and unexpected ways, beyond public service and elections to something far greater; and perhaps insidious.

It’s a ride that puts you on a collision course for answers. And you won’t want to put the book down, until you KNOW! And even then you may be looking over your shoulder in case…

A five-star performance. Bravo!

~ Carl Hitchens, author of
Sitting with Warrior, 2014
Well written . . . movie script adaptable. Gripping style [Chapter 10] reminded me of Hunter Thompson's 'Gonzo' journalism, i.e. 'Fear & Loathing' - Kate Robinson is a very talented and imaginative writer!"
~ Rev. Robert Hanzel, Aquarian Church of Universal Service, 2007 
Writing of the prologue and first chapters commands attention, and immediately warns the reader this is future fantasy . . . may be closer to the truth than any of us know . . . I think this writer did an excellent job . . . has thought [the story line] through very carefully and hints at complications with extraterrestrials that stretch the imagination. The writer makes even unlikely scenes between [humans] and extraterrestrials believable . . . The writing is very good. The grammar is excellent. The narration, dialogue and tension are high . . . The reader immediately likes the characters and roots for them.
~Anon. Judge, 2006 Arizona Authors Association Literary Competition, Unpublished Novel category



The apocalypse has never been delivered with such harrowing eloquence.


~ The New Engagement, Issue #12 July 2017



The plot carries reflective weight and it gives the story a strong sense of a futuristic reality . . . merges feelings of love, bitterness, fear, political power, control, and hope all in one grandiose image . . . a character who has the ability to gather history in her own hands and show the world that no one could control a genuine spirit. . . The story shows a forced immediacy of color and shape despite the gloomy and dusty atmosphere enveloping the setting.

~ Mary Saad Assel, author of A Sprinkle of Dust, 2017


A Twisted Garden - by Joe DiBuduo and Kate Robinson - Historical horror with a new spin on a complex artist. I was intrigued the way the writers tied the painting to the story.

~ Chantal Boudreau, (Author, Nova Scotia), 2011 


Elastic Press has produced several award winning anthologies, and while it’s early days as yet I don’t think anyone will be too surprised if their latest offering follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. Edited by Allen Ashley, Subtle Edens bills itself as ‘an anthology of slipstream fiction’, and they seem to be at some pains to explain what slipstream is, with an introduction by Ashley, an essay by Jeff Gardiner and an afterword by Nicholas Royle.

~ Case Notes 9 / Peter Tennant on Books, 2009


'The Upstairs Room' by Kate Robinson is a superbly written piece in which the reasons Coralie is reluctant to spend time in her bedroom is skilfully revealed; from adolescent angst, to hidden voices, to, well, adding more would mean me including spoilers to some extent. Robinson has a deft talent with words, and I love the way this tale begins almost mundanely in the ordinary but ends up decidedly slipstream as the plot progresses.


~ Steven Pirie, The Future Fire Reviews, 2009


To detail each story individually would be a disservice, as the stories need to be experienced. Part of the lack of information will draw you in, play on your own personal sense of unease, often persuading that the fantastic can be found in the most unlikely places.

~ Charles Packer, Sci-Fi online, 2008     


This story has a slow, creeping intensity. . . you deliver a shock with subtle power... Much of the writing throughout the story is vivid, vibrant, intense and involving and your ending is quite chilling in its implications... I was pleasantly reminded at times of the work of Ray Bradbury... also, inevitably, echoes of 'The X Files' and, in the way that an apparently mundane reality is undermined by encroaching horror, the work of Stephen King.

~ Allen Ashley, Editor, Subtle Edens, 2008 

THE NATIONAL MALL & MyReportLinks.com Books
. . . Well-researched historical facts . . . authors also include some unusual and quirky facts that might amuse readers . . . these books provide a structured model of the items needed for librarians or students to construct a research pathfinder.
The limited text, format, and readability level of the books will appeal to reluctant readers. They will also attract student researchers who would rather do their research online but need a print source for their bibliography.
~ VOYA, 2006       
Would be helpful in a middle school environment for history projects and casual reading.
~Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee, 2005        


We greatly appreciate your support as we strive to transform our urban public schools into amazing places of learning and high achievement!

~Vicky Bamihos, New Leaders for New Schools, 2007 



This is well-written and clever. Love the word play.  :)

~ Anonymous, StoryBox Library Online, 2007      

I remember the draft of that story from the [Hassayampa Institute] conference . . . loving your voice and dialogue . . . this is beautiful.

~ Author Cynthia Allen Ostland, 2005



Wow... I just read your story . . . really powerful. I could identify with RaeMae and her feeling of desperation and I only had 5 kids. Thanks for putting me on your mailing list and sharing this story with me.


~ Karen Ginn, English Instructor, 2005




Hi, Kate -- and Congratulations! No surprise, tho' -- great story. I remember reading it in its unpublished form and feeling so sad that it arrived after our deadline -- but, then, I knew "Natural Soul" was definitely going to be grabbed quickly by some good journal. DOJ is a wonderful forum -- lots of exposure.  Good job in placing the piece!


~ Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb, NATIVE WEST PRESS, 2004


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