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I learned to write poetry by reading and listening to poetry, studying the craft formally for the first time while pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth(2010).

I'm a former member of the Arizona State Poetry Society and much of my published work appears in Sandcutters, the ASPS journal, and in print journals and anthologies. 

My inspirational poetry is featured in June Cotner's  acclaimed prayer and poem anthologies, calendar, and journal (1998-2017), and in a lovely multi-faith anthology edited by Maja Trochimczyk, Meditations on Divine Names (Moonrise Press, 2012).

Three of my poems recently appeared in two June Cotner anthologies in Fall 2017 and Winter 2015 (Andrews McMeel Publishing) - Dog Blessings and Christmas Blessings.

Moonrise Press, 2012

Harmony Books, 2002

Star Child

I imagine you
budding purple
in my belly
like the tips
of new iris
My days shuffle
until the one
sharp with urgency
lays me down
to whelp
Come from song
at sunset
you are touched
with wine
plum dark
A thousand blooms
like secret shadows
drop sweet
through leaves of love
Tiny fingers
tremble golden
in the moonlight
June infant
star blessed
I shall celebrate
the night
the universe
planet dance all summer
sing star child

Cinco de Mayo: 2009
Unpublished, 2010

May, but

May, but the morning chill grips with a fist.

Horizontal, thick and slow, I wish

for spring’s easy spreading warmth.

Blossoms float like a mirage on

flowering trees in these grasslands,

unlike my old home in the Sonoran desert

where Cinco is a bright, hot, cerveza-swilling,

margarita-sipping holiday. Confused,

like the meadowlark crying out in last week’s

snow flurry, I try to order my thoughts,

pretending circumstances cycle in seasonal order.

Before daylight, drawn back into sleep,

I dream of my childhood home in Iowa,

the front door unlocked and ajar, open to a snow drift.

Are there intruders, or did the pressure

of  sudden wind pop it open?

Not taking chances,

I grasp a square-edged snow shovel,

ready for a surprise guest.

Pushing the door open

with two fingers, I creep inside.

Empty silence.

No surprises waiting downstairs

or on the second floor.

All rooms appear empty, untouched.

My eyes open to raw sunshine

filtering through bamboo shades.

In this tumbledown Arizona caravan,

May fifth dawns ripe

with surprise and illusion.



The Journey Newszine


Spring, 2007



Grisly, this business

of literary precision.


Poems submit to the knife,

a surgical progression


of words carved to spareness,

from whole suns to lightning.


The poem is a confession of faith.

::: Ralph Waldo Emerson


Kate's poetry appears in June Cotner anthologies 1998-2017

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