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   Kate Robinson  ~  Starstone Lit  ~  Tootie-Do Press




Tootie-Do Press – Publisher



Starstone Lit Services Writer / Editor / Creative Consultation / Agent

*1999-Present  – Editor, copywriter, creative consultant, proofreader, author / book PR and promotion, publication advisor, research, transcription, web page management, online community moderator. Clients include authors, publishers, businesses, and non-profits
Editor / Proofreader
*2013-2016   diacriTech Technologies – Editing and proofreading academic book manuscripts for major UK & US publishers.

The Oil Drum  - Community Moderator & Proofreader

*2011-2013 Daily proofreading of scientific articles and moderating community posts online

Chino Valley Public Library - Library Aide Volunteer

*Spring/Summer 2009  Circulation, cataloging, customer service, shelving

Phippen Art Museum - Computer Operator (Museum aide – tech)

*2000-2001 managed museum library, designed and Composed all advertising and PR, graphic design, data entry and retrieval of all museum databases, coordinator of the 2000 Winter Holiday Arts and Crafts Show, assisted all Museum personnel  with all Museum exhibits and events. 

Yavapai County Medical Assist. & Facilities-Parks Depts - Records Clerk

*1993-1999  - . Receptionist, customer service, switchboard, data entry & retrieval, labor tracking, department scheduling management, purchased office supplies, secretarial-clerical duties 

Professional Writers of Prescott – Volunteer and salaried positions

*2006 - 2010  Webmaster & PWP Listserv Manager (salaried)

*2007  David Morrell Workshop Statewide PR (volunteer)

*2004 - 2007   E-PWP Info Coordinator (volunteer)

*2003 VP Programs (volunteer) 

Chino Valley School District #51 - Substitute Teacher

*2000 - 2009   Teaching and assigned duties in K-12 classrooms.

Excel Education Centers  

*2002 - 2006   Teaching in grade 9-12 classrooms   

Yavapai Prescott Tribe summer recreational and employment training program Town of Chino Valley summer literacy / play production program

KidzArt™ summer art camps  -  Youth Program Instructor

*2003 - 2006 (Summer)


* 2016 Attended Arteles Creative Center November Silence.Awareness.Existence Residency, Hameenkyro, Finland

*2016 Attended “Memory & Movies: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Films," Coursera: Wesleyan University

*2015 Attended “Writing for Young Readers,” “Learning How to Learn,” and “Presumed Innocent?: The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction, Coursera: Commonwealth Education Trust, UC San Diego, The Pennsylvania State University

*2014 Attended “Marriage and the Movies: A History, Coursera: Wesleyan University

*2013 Attended “The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound and Color,” “Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World,” “Aboriginal Worldviews,” “The Fiction of Relationship,” “The Camera Never Lies,” and “Plagues, Witches and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction,” Coursera - online: Wesleyan University, University of Michigan, University of Toronto, Brown University, University of London, and University of Virginia

*2012 Attended Writing in the Sciences, Coursera/Stanford University

*2011 Attended Screenwriting for Children workshop, SCBWI-OC

*2010 Attended SLS Kenya, Kenya Between the Lines seminars, & Kwani? Litfest 2010, Nairobi & Lamu Island

*2010 MA with Merit in Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University, Wales

*2001-09 Summer/Winter retreats & teachings, Garchen Buddhist Institute

*1997-99 BA in Anthropology, 3.8 GPA, emphasis in Museum Studies, breadths in Humanities and Liberal Arts, Prescott College, Prescott Arizona

*1996-97 Yavapai College / Sharlot Hall Museum, 300+ internship hours in Museum Collections Management and Exhibit Development 



*2017  Judge, Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Writers PRISM Awards

*2016  Judge, InD'Tale Magazine RONE Awards*2012-2014 - World Book Night Giver

*2011  Preliminary Judge, Professional Writers of Prescott Annual Writing Contest

*2011  Listserv Manager, Professional Writers of Prescott

*Lent Term 2010  Intern, New Welsh Review

*January 2010  UA Work Taster – National Library of Wales

*Spring/Summer 2009  Chino Valley Public Library - Volunteer Circulation Assistant

*2006–11 Webmaster and Listserv Manager, Professional Writers of Prescott.

*June 2004–09  Judge, 11th Annual Whipple Voices Writing Festival, Northern Arizona VA Health Care System

*2004–07, e-PWP Founding Editor/Info Coordinator, Professional Writers of Prescott

*2003, Vice President/Programs, Professional Writers of Prescott




*Richard Kipling. Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters: A Skomer Island Journal. Brambleby Books, 2013. Jellyfish Day: Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters - Interview with Richard Kipling, 2013.


*Willma Willis Gore. Iron Grip. CreateSpace, 2011. Jellyfish Day: Kate Robinson Review-Interview with Willma Willis Gore, 2013. http://www.jellyfishday.blogspot.com/2013/01/iron-grip-interview-with-willma-willis.html.


*Jonah Lehrer. Imagine: How Creativity Works. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012. Jellyfish Day: Book Review by Kate Robinson, 2012. http://www.jellyfishday.blogspot.com/2012/11/dabbling-creatively.html.


*Amber Polo. Shapeshifters Library: Released. Blue Merle Publishing, 2012. Jellyfish Day: Kate Robinson Review-Interview with Amber Polo, 2012. http://www.jellyfishday.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-shapeshifters-library-interview.html.


*Gene Twaronite. My Vacation in Hell, CreateSpace, 2012. Jellyfish Day: Kate Robinson Review-Interview with Gene Twaronite, 2012. http://jellyfishday.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-vacation-in-hell-interview-with-gene.html.


*Carl Hitchens. Sitting with Warrior. iUniverse, 2010. Jellyfish Day: Kate Robinson Review-Interview with Carl Hitchens, 2011. http://www.jellyfishday.blogspot.com/2011/07/sitting-with-warrior-interview-with.html.


*Carolyn See. Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers. Random House, 2002. Book Review by Kate Robinson. Prescott Writers, 2002. www.prescottwriters.com/LiteraryLife.htm.


*Lynn Lauber. Listen To Me: Writing Life Into Meaning. W.W.Norton, 2004. Inside the Cover Book Review by Kate Robinson. Absolute Write, 2005.

  www.absolutewrite.com/novels/ bookreviews/robinson02_23_05.htm.


*Writing The Fantastic: A Dreamer's POV. R e a d i n g . t h e . F a n t a s t i c, August 2016

*Gila Angel. The Whirlwind Review, Issue 4, Spring 2013, http://www.writingthewhirlwind.net/issue4.pdf.

*Jellyfish Day: Jellyfish, Sundogs, and Sundry Digressions on the Writing Life – monthly blog entries, book reviews, and interviews, 2010-13. http://www.jellyfishday.blogspot.com 

*Crowing About Ravens. “Family Corvidae” issue of Raven Chronicles,Vol.15, No. 2, Spring 2011. 

*Natural Soul. The Preservation Foundation. www.storyhouse.org/kate.html, 2005.

  ___________. Drexel Online Journal.Drexel University, Summer 2004. www.drexel.edu/doj/archives/2004/essay/robinson_soul.asp. [Redesigned as Dragonfire.org, July 2005]. 

*Just Another Sun Tran Day. I Love My Job! E-zine. Steve and Jocelyn Herbelin, Editors, Fall 1998. 

*Javelina Sunrise. Traveler's Tales. December 2003. www.travelerstales.com.

_______________. Least Loved Beasts of the Really Wild West. Terrill and Eve Schoeneker-Shorb,Ed.,  Prescott, Arizona: Native West Press, 1997.



*So You Want to Write for Kids: Some Answers to Your Questions! SCBWI Arizona Region, May 2002. www.scbwiaz.addr.com

  __________________________. Write Journey, April 2002.www.writejourney.com, 

*10 “Easy” Guidelines to Writing the Compelling Short Story. Absolute Write, January 2002.


  ____________________________________________________.  The Fiction Writer Literary Magazine, January 2000. www.thefictionwriter.com. 

*Crafting Publishable Poetry. Absolute Write, December 2002. www.absolutewrite.com/specialty_writing/publishable_poetry.htm 

*The Depression Era of the 1930s and the Yavapai Tribe. Prescott Courier, November 21, 1999,pp.1A,7A. www.sharlot.org/archives/history/dayspast/text/1999_11_21.shtml 

*Come Home to Log Cabin Bed and Breakfast. AZ Tourist News, September 1999.

*Ed’s OK Corral Museum.  AZ Tourist News, September 1999.

*Jake’s Old West Properties.  AZ Tourist News, September 1999.

*Del Rio, Arizona’s First Territorial Capitol. AZ Tourist News, August 1999.

*The Chino Lifestyle. AZ Tourist News, August 1999.

*Alternative Accommodations in Navajoland. AZ Tourist News, July 1999.

*Seligman Shines in Late July. AZ Tourist News, July 1999.



*Heart of the Holiday. Christmas Blessings. June Cotner, ed. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015.

*Saturday Morning. Back to Joy. June Cotner, ed. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2014.

*A True Human Emerges. Meditations on Divine Names, Maja Trochimczyk, Ed.  Moonrise Press, 2012.

*Deva. Meditations on Divine Names, Maja Trochimczyk, Ed. Moonrise Press, 2012.

*Poet’s Prayer. Say a Little Prayer: A Journal, June Cotner, Ed. Chronicle Books, 2011.

 ____________. 2006 Everyday Blessings Calendar: A Year of Inspiration, Comfort and Gratitude.   Sourcebooks, Inc., 2005

 ____________. Bedside Prayers.  June Cotner, Ed.  HarperSanFrancisco, 1997. www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=1

*Doggy Prayer & A Goodbye Prayer. Dog Blessings, New World Library, October 2008.

*“I’ve Got So Much Things to Say Right Now.” Honorable Mention, Arizona State Poetry Society 2008 Annual Contest, Stirring the Pot, Category 4.

*An Infant’s Prayer. Miracles of Motherhood, Center Street/Hachette Book Group, March 2007.  http://www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=28

*Revision. The Journey E-zine, SCBWI-AZ Spring Issue, April 2007.

*Love is Not a Fairy Tale. Sandcutters, Volume 41, No. 2, Summer 2007. April winner, monthly theme.

*All. 2006 Everyday Blessings Calendar: A Year of Inspiration, Comfort and Gratitude. Sourcebooks, Inc., 2005.

 ___. Looking For God in All the Right Places: Prayers and Poems to Comfort, Inspire and Connect Humanity. June Cotner, Ed. Loyola Press, April 2004. http://www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=19

  ___. Heal Your Soul, Heal The World. June Cotner, Ed. Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 1998. 

  ___. Bless the Day. June Cotner, Ed. Kodansha America, New York, 1998.


*Until the End. 2006 Everyday Blessings Calendar: A Year of Inspiration, Comfort and Gratitude.

 Sourcebooks, Inc., 2005.

____________.  Teen Sunshine Reflections: Words for the Heart & Soul; June Cotner, Ed. HarperCollins Children's Books, 2002.  http://www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=2

*Grace. Wishing You Well: Prayers and Poems for Comfort, Healing, and Recovery. June Cotner, Ed., Loyola Press, 2005. www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=23.

______. Get Well Wishes: Prayers, Poems and Blessings.  June Cotner,Ed. HarperSanFrancisco, 2000.

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*Twenty-first Century Drought. Sandcutters, Volume 37, No. 3, Autumn 2003. July winner, free verse. 

*Tugged Between Earth and Sky. Sandcutters, Volume 38, No. 2, Summer 2003. May winner, monthly theme.

*Poetry. Sandcutters, Volume 36, No. 2, Summer 2002. May winner, free verse.

*Dust Devil. Amaze: The Cinquain Journal,Volume 1, No.2, Fall and Winter 2002. www.members.aol.com/acinquain/vol_1_no_2/robinson.html

  _________. Sandcutters, Volume 35, No. 4, Winter 2001.December winner, Traditional.

*Tombstone Roses. Sandcutters, Volume 35, No. 4, Winter 2001/2002.  December winner, free verse

*Star Child. Baby Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating Mothers and Babies. June Cotner, Ed. Harmony Books, 2002. www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=1

 ________. Sandcutters, Volume 35, No. 4, Winter 2001/2002. December winner, Theme category.    

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 _____________________.  Sandcutters, Volume 30, No. 4, Winter 1996. November winner, Traditional.

*Death of a Poet. Mediphors: A Literary Journal of the Health Profession, #15, 2001.

*A Hooker’s Pantoum. Sandcutters, Volume 32, No. 4, Winter 1998/99.

*Love Is Not A Decision. The Sunday Suitor Poetry Review, Issue 8, February, 1998.

*Untitled Haiku, Inspiration. The Sunday Suitor Poetry Review, Issue 11, August, 1998.

*Blood, Spice, Sunlight, Mint. Where the Leaves Fall: Lou Daniels Memorial Anthology. Elizabeth Lathrop, Ed., Salinas, California, 1998. Distinguished Honor (2nd Place), Lou Daniels Memorial Awards.

*Chino Nap. Threshold, Yavapai College Creative Arts Magazine, May 1997.

*You Chose the Fire. South Ash Press, Vol. VII, No. 8, April 1997.

 *Surrendering Captivity. Sandcutters, Journal of the Arizona State Poetry Society, Volume 30,  No. 4, Winter 1996.  2nd place winner in the 1996 ASPS Poetry Contest, Love Poem category. 



*Cool Critters. New Leaders for New Schools school assessments, 2007.

*A Goodbye Prayer. Bless the Beasts; Children’s Prayers and Poems Honoring Animals. June Cotner, Ed., SeaStar Books, 2002. www.junecotner.com/booklist.php?id=22

*For Charlie, Moksha. Stepping Stones: A Collection of Modern Poetry, Whittier, California: Palomar Press, 1977. 



*Thirteen. (Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo). 31 Nights of Halloween, Rainstorm Press, 2011. 

*Great Spirit’s Butterflies. Pandora’s Box Suite. Southport Press, 2011. http://www.southportpress.com/content/pandorasbox.

______________________.  New Leaders for New Schools school assessments, 2007. 

*A Pig of Ill Repute. New Leaders for New Schools school assessments, 2007.

 ________________.  StoryBox Online Library. October, 2006. http://www.blogtext.org/StoryBox/article/7625.html?A+Pig+of+Ill+Repute 



*Lewis & Clark: Exploring the American West, Enslow Publishing, Inc., 2010. http://enslow.blogspot.com/2010/03/lewis-and-clark-exploring-american-west.html

*The National Mall. A MyReportLinks.com Book. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2005. www.enslow.com/catalog.asp?exact=true&FirstName=Kate&LastName=Robinson 



*Enter the Kingdom. The New Engagement, Issue #12 July 2017.

*Cheater. (Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo).Manifest West Anthology Series, No. 4. Western State Colorado University: Western State Press, 2015.

*Dancing Universe. Tribute to Orpheus II. Kearney Street Press, 2012.

________________. Jerry Jazz Musician. New Short Fiction Award, June 2003.          www.jerryjazzmusician.com/mainHTML.cfm?page=fiction.html

*Lost Memories. (Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo). Memory Eaters, CP Anthologies, 2012. 

*The Snow Globe. (Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo). Best Served Cold: An Eye for An Eye, Runewright LLC, 2011. 

*A Twisted Garden. (Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo). Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy, MayDecember Publications, 2011. 

*At the Garden Gate. different WORLDS, Aberystwyth University Postgraduate Creative Writing Magazine, 2010. 

*The Upstairs Room. Subtle Edens, Elastic Press, 2008.

Reprinted Beyond Science Fiction Digital Magazine,  November 2014.

*Off-key. New Short Fiction Award, Jerry Jazz Musician, November 2008.

*Past the Bone. Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts, Issue 52, January 2006. www.udsakron.org/what's_in_this_issue.htm, www.udsakron.org/art_&_excerpts.htm, www.udsakron.org/images/Robinson.pdf

____________.  Literary Mama, a literary magazine for the maternally inclined, July 2005.

*Normal. Muse Apprentice Guild Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2003.


Short Fiction Collection

*The Contest and Other Stories. Tootie-Do Press, 2017(Collaboration with Joe DiBuduo).



*Heart of Desire: 11.11.11 Redux. Tootie-Do Press, 2014.



*2016 Presentation, Arteles Creative Center, Silence.Awareness.Existence Residency

*2014  Kev’s Blog: Kate Robinson, Lover of Dreams.

*2014  Pekoe Blaze – Interview: Kate Robinson. https://pekoeblaze.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/interview-kate-robinson-author-of-heart-of-desire-11-11-11-redux/.

*2014  The Thursday Interview:  Kate Robinson, author of “Heart of Desire.” http://the-thursday-interview.blogspot.com/2014/09/kate-robinson-author-of-heart-of-desire.html.

*2011  Interview with Amber Polo. “Broken: Interruptions & Writer’s Block.” http://relaxingthewriter.blogspot.com

*2010  Interview with Amber Polo. “Writing in Magical Wales.” http://amberpolo.blogspot.com

*2009  Interview with Amber Polo. “Help Other Writers to Help Yourself.” 

*2008  Authors Day, Prescott Public Library

*2007  Meet Your Local Author, Prescott Valley Public Library

*2005  One on One with Sandy Moss, Arts and Entertainment Editor, KQNA (AM 1130)

*2004  Excel Education Centers Career Week, Chino Valley, Arizona

*2004  Poets Corner with Lady Mathers, Prescott Community Access Channel 13

*2001  Poets Corner with Lady Mathers, Prescott Community Access Channel 13

*1998  NACHO paper presentation, SHM, “The Depression Era of the 1930s and the Yavapai Tribe.” 


Awards / Fellowships / Residencies

*2016 Arteles Creative Center, Silence.Awareness.Existence Residency, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

*2015 Shortlist Semifinalist, "Enter the Kingdom,literary dystopic sci-fi, Almond Press Apocalypse Chronicles short story competition

*2011  Longlist semifinalist, Carve Magazine Raymond Carver Short Story Contest, “The Respect of Stone,” literary short fiction

*2010  SLS Kenya, Kenya Between the Lines Seminars, and Kwani Litfest 2010, Nairobi and Lamu Island, Kenya  

*2010  Shortlist semifinalist, Texas Review Press Clay Reynolds Novella Competition, Loop, magical realism - Dream Literature

*2010  Longlist semifinalist, SLS Kenya Literary Contest, Respect of Stone, literary fiction

*2010  Honorable Mention, 2010 Alabama Conclave Writing Competition, Li’l Bit, children’s fiction

*2006  Honorable Mention, 2005 Speculative Literature Foundation Older Writer's Grant Award, Heart of Desire: 11.11.11 Redux, metaphysical sci-fi thriller



*Loop: Life is But A Dream: Dream Novella / Short Fiction Collection

*You Chose the Fire: Poems

*Natural Soul: Memoir / Nature essays

*Scapegoat: Memoir

*Jellyfish Day: Blog

*Picture Book Stories & Retold Folktales

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