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Why hire an editor? 

Sometimes writers need a fresh pair of eyes, some pre-pub polish, or coaching to hone their writing chops. I enjoy assisting authors who work in a broad range of fields and genres to creatively and critically examine their writing projects.
As a publisher (Tootie-Do Press) and hybrid author (a conventionally published and indie author), I fully understand both types of authors' needs and concerns.
::: Starstone Lit Services specializes in copyediting, line editing, proofreading, evaluation, and creative / critical consultation for fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction writers. Experienced, thoughtful evaluation and editing of chick lit, crime drama, fantasy, historical, magical realism, mystery, slipstream, soft sci-fi, thrillers, and literary works; memoir, poetry, and Young Adult, New Adult, and Juvenile fiction and nonfiction.
::: Consultation, editing, and proofing for publishers and business professionals: journal articles, narrative nonfiction and textbook manuscripts, resumes, brochures, business letters, print or internet advertising, press releases, blog and website copy. Indexing services for selected nonfiction topics. All style guides honored.
::: Copy and line editing in UK, US, and Aus English.
::: Ethical editing and proofreading of BA, MA & PhD theses and dissertations.
::: Print book interior designs to match your cover design, and e-book conversions for all standard manuscripts. Createspace, Kindle Direct, and Smashwords manuscript and cover download assistance.
:::  Marketing copy services packages. Assistance writing your cover / query letters to agents and publishers, book pitches / descriptions / synopses, author bios, and book proposals for nonfiction and memoirs. Marketing assistance packages for indie authors include book cover pitch / description,  short and detailed author bios, keywords for publication sites.
::: General social media book PR by the hour for indie and conventional authors. I will assist you to set up various social media accounts to highlight your publications.
::: Reasonable per page / hourly rate for copyediting / line editing / proofreading, reasonable turnaround.
::: Blocked? On a budget? Inquire about econo-evals and self-editing coaching.
::: Free 5-page sample edit/evaluation/estimate for book-length manuscripts, 1-3 pages for academic papers / short manuscripts.

Whether you're an emerging or an expert writer, award-winning author-editor Kate Robinson will assist you in birthing your award-winning project!

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Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Poetry

*2018 Eric Hoffer / da Vinci Eye Finalist for excellence in cover art

*2018 New Generation Book Award Finalist in the Young New Adult category

*2017 Book Cover of the Year, Cassie Loves Covers

  Dragon Daily News  -  MG fantasy fiction (CreateSpace, 2013).


  Dream Shadow - suspense (CreateSpace, 2014).


  Finding My Way: From Paralysis to A Rich Full Life - memoir (Bez Publications, 2009/2011).

  • Four Women - literary family drama (publication pending).
  • Homeless - paranormal drama (CreateSpace, 2014).
  • I Cried for Freedom - romantic suspense.
  • In Search of the American Dream - literary drama script.
  • Judgment - paranormal drama (CreateSpace, 2014).
  • Keepers of Lubaantun - YA visionary.
  • Mrs. Ogg Played the Harp  - memoir (Two Harbors Press, 2012).  *Winner of Grand Prize in the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival .                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar  - visionary eco-adventure / romance (Hidden Jungle Press, 2016).
  • Return of the Goddess - metaphysical memoir / nonfiction (BookLocker, 2015).
  • Saving the Katie: Ghost of the Hundredth - paranormal adventure / romance (publication pending).
  • Search for Significance: Finding Meaning in Times of Change, Challenge & Chaos - inspirational nonfiction (GeroWise International, 2008).
  • Searching for Nannie B. - memoir (Ardent Writer Press, 2015).        *2017 Book Excellence Awards  *2017 Kindle Awards
  • Second Chance - sci-fi (CreateSpace, 2013).
  • Shades of Light - inspirational poetry (iUniverse, 2013).
  • Sleepers - medical sci-fi (CreateSpace, 2015).
  • Trash Picker on Mars - poetry (Kelsay Books, 2016).
  • The Museum of Unwearable Shoes - poetry (Kelsay Books, 2018).
  • The Wedding Dress - memoir (publication pending).
  • Wild World - YA fiction (publication pending).


Narrative Nonfiction, Textbooks

  • 3D Post Production  (Routledge, 2014).
  • A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers, 4th edition. (Routledge, 2014).
  • Environmental Certification for Organisations and Products (Routledge, 2015).
  • The First European Description of Japan -  (Routledge 2014).
  • Internationalization of the Curriculum (Routledge, 2015).
  • Management, 11th Edition  (Cengage, 2014).
  • The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (Routledge, 2013).
  • Mapping the Terrain of Education Reform (Routledge, 2015).
  • Maritime Letters of Indemnity (Routledge, 2013).

  • Planning Urban Places (Routledge, 2015).
  • Rethinking Greenland and the Arctic in the Era of Climate Change (Routledge, 2016).
  • International Perspectives on Group Worrk & Space Time and Evaluation in Ideological Discourse (Routledge, 2016).
  • Merchants and Trade Networks in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, 1550-1800 (Routledge, 2016).


  • Indexed Titles

Here's Looking At You: Hollywood, Film & Politics, 3rd Ed.


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iUniverse, 2017

CreateSpace, 2016

Kelsay Books, 2016

Hidden Jungle Press, 2016


If a teacher told me to revise, I thought that meant my writing was a broken-down car that needed to go to the repair shop. I felt insulted. I didn't realize the teacher was saying, 'Make it shine. It's worth it.' Now I see revision as a beautiful word of hope. It's a new vision of something. It means you don't have to be perfect the first time. What a relief!                               

::: Naomi Shihab Nye


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