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Le Chevalier Au Fleurs - Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse, 1894


 T  H  E    C  O  N  T  E  S  T
 A n d  O t h e r  S t o r i e s
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Inspired by the works of international artists, this Young Adult - New Adult collection of nineteen spellbinding magical realist, paranormal,  slipstream, dark fantasy, alternate history, and fabulist tales (with a connecting novella) is collaboratively authored by Joe DiBuduo and Kate Robinson:

Peter John Rizzo, an emerging creative writer and 1960 graduate of Yale University's journalism program, inherits Classic Art Exposé, an established but floundering art journal, from his uncle, John Rizzo. 

Pete's father, Peter Rizzo, is a banker who despises his late brother, jealous of his sibling's influential relationship with his wife and Pete, and scornful of his work in the Arts and Humanities.

Pete and Jason, his Uncle John's devoted but unorthodox editorial assistant, and two local English student interns, sisters Shirley and Evie, start a monthly short story contest with artwork prompts, hoping to increase Classic Art Exposé's readership and settle its debt. 

As the four friends review and publish the winning short stories over the following eighteen months, Pete discovers a sordid family secret as he battles his father's nefarious attempts to bankrupt his business and ruin his reputation.


“Cheater” first appeared in Western Weird, Volume 4, Manifest West Series, (Western Press Books - Western State Colorado University, 2015).

“Night Café” won the quarterly New Short Fiction Award (Jerry Jazz Musician, 2012).

“Lost Memories” first appeared in The Memory Eater (CP Anthologies, 2012).

“A Twisted Garden” first appeared as The Yellow House” in Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy (May December Publications, 2011).

“The Snow Globe” first appeared in Best Served Cold: An Eye for An Eye (Runewright LLC, 2011).


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What happens when the world's first Cryonic Man finds he shares body and mind with "Blood Countess" Erzsébet Báthory?

You heard nothing happened on December 21, 2012, right? Not exactly. Here’s where the cosmic shift began!



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